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Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide

Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide 

Soma Bay is a mesmerizing destination where adventure and relaxation seamlessly coexist. Whether you're a thrill-seeker looking for water sports excitement or a traveler in search of serenity on the beach, Soma Bay has something special to offer. The luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, underwater wonders, and championship golf course make it.

Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide

Somabay’s location is ideally situated on the eastern shores of Egypt on the Red Sea coast just 20 minutes by car from Hurghada International Airport. Only a 4 hour flight from Central Europe, the ten million square meters, self-contained community of Somabay is surrounded with three sides of the sea. 

How big is Soma Bay?

Soma Bay is a coastal resort on the Red Sea in Egypt, 45 km (28 mi) south of Hurghada International Airport and about 28 km (17 mi) north of Safaga port. The 10,000,000 m2 (2,500 acres), self-contained community of Soma Bay is located on a peninsula surrounded on all sides by the sea.

Nestled on 10 million square meters of lush land, life at Somabay is where fantasy-scapes follow you wherever you go and sun-drenched activities take infinite elevating forms.

Experience luxury in every thoughtful detail where prestige hospitality is rediscovered with genuine warmth and passion. Awaken forgotten desires and build unforgettable memories to fuel a lifetime of inspiration. Somabay is where glorious coastlines meet modern-day opulence in the land of vibrant culture and mystical history. Succumb to the alluring siren of Somabay, your destination that surpasses the frontier of euphoria and tranquility.

Somabay Marina 

Step into Somabay’s world-class Marina and lose yourself in a diverse array of authentic experiences, perfected by a treasure-trove of locally grown brands. Set to become the pulsating heart of the peninsula year-round, the Marina is an exclusive invitation to indulge in unique culinary adventures, soulful retail experiences and late-night entertainment. 

Sip on a cup of freshly ground Coffee at 30 North, as you enjoy a good read from the neighboring Diwan Bookstore. Uncover a pandora’s box of stylish boutiques and artisanal souvenir shops, crowned by the finest handcrafted home accessories displayed at Rax. Indulge in juicy burger buns served all day long at Burger & Shrimp, freshly prepared homemade Pizza served at Farina or sample tantalizing oriental dishes, perfected by Baladina. For friends wishing to spend a memorable night out, Sobar is the place to dine under a blanket of stars, perfected by signature delights and a flowing panorama of the Red Sea.

Soma Bay Hurghada

A Red Sea Oasis for Adventure and Relaxation

When it comes to heavenly destinations along the Red Sea, Soma Bay, just south of Hurghada, Egypt, stands out as an oasis of adventure and relaxation. This coastal gem, known for its pristine beaches, world-class resorts, and exceptional water sports, is a destination that caters to every type of traveler. In this extensive guide, we'll embark on a virtual journey to explore the captivating wonders of Soma Bay, a place where adventure and tranquility coexist harmoniously.

The Marvel of Soma Bay's Beaches

Soma Bay is celebrated for its exquisite beaches, and it's easy to see why. Stretching along the Red Sea coast, the soft golden sands are caressed by crystal-clear waters. The beaches here are not just a place to bask in the sun but a gateway to an underwater world brimming with vibrant marine life.

White Beach:

This is the most famous stretch of coastline in Soma Bay. It's a paradise for sunbathers and swimmers, offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea. Soft sands and calm waters make it ideal for families and those looking to unwind.

White Beach soma bay hurghada red sea egypt

Kite House Beach: 

For those seeking adventure, Kite House Beach is the place to be. It's a hub for kiteboarding and windsurfing. The consistent wind conditions and flatwater make it perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

Kite House Beach kiteboarding and windsurfing soma bay

Soma Bay World-Class Resorts and Accommodations

Soma Bay is renowned for its luxurious resorts, each offering a unique blend of comfort and elegance. Here are some of the finest resorts that make your stay in Soma Bay an experience to remember:

-Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay:

Offering a lavish spa, private beaches, and a championship golf course, the Kempinski is synonymous with luxury.

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay

The Kempinski Soma Bay Spa

No trip to Soma Bay is complete without a visit to the Kempinski Spa. It's a sanctuary of well-being and relaxation, offering a range of treatments from traditional massages to holistic therapies. The serene ambiance and skilled therapists will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

The Kempinski Soma Bay Spa Hurghada red sea egypt

- Sheraton Soma Bay Resort:

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort is only steps away from pristine sand and the splendor of the Red Sea. 
Hotel guests can try numerous watersports, take a boat ride to Utobia Island, golf at The Cascades, experience a desert safari and visit old town Hurghada.

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort

Experience world-class service at Sheraton Soma Bay Resort This hotel is situated on a beach in Soma Bay, 30 km from Hurghada. It features a large outdoor pool, 18-hole golf course designed by Gary Player, and rooms with balconies and sea views.

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort, a place where the magnificent ancient Egyptian history meets the beautiful nature of the Red sea.

- The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge:

Egypt’s first Watersport Lifestyle Hotel, that’s The Breakers. No matter if on, at or under water: sport is present everywhere. Kitesurfing, diving, yoga, beach volleyball, wakesurfing and many more for a perfect day at the sea.

The Breakers Diving Surfing Lodge soma bay

Ideal for divers and surfers, this lodge combines adventure with comfort and is perfectly located near the best water sports spots.

The Breakers Diving Surfing Lodge soma bay

- The Cascades Golf Resort:

The Cascades Resort hosts avid golfers globally and is home to a world-class spa and Thalasso facility. From near or far, arrive at a hearty reception and revel in bespoke hospitality that exceeds all your expectations throughout your stay. The Cascades endeavor to go above and beyond to make your stay extraordinary and unforgettable. Surrounded by charming coastal landscapes.

The Cascades Golf Resort soma bay red sea

The Cascades offers luxurious rooms and suites with a view of either the sea, pool, golf course, or a panoramic view of all. Complete with exclusive dining options to enrich your experience, the resort serves an array of unique gastronomic creations to please every palate. With the understanding that everyone has different preferences and requirements, The Cascades curates hospitality that takes pride in exceptional service and warm attentiveness.

The Cascades SPA & THALASSO

Disconnect from the world at The Cascades SPA & THALASSO, the best in Egypt and one of the largest in the world. The spectacular views of Somabay bring your senses to life while the holistic treatments that balance, nurture, and energize your body and mind.

The unrivalled centerpiece of the Spa is the 750 m 2 Thalasso-Tonic Hydrotherapy Pool containing 830 m 3 of sea water sub-divided into a number of distinct zones with water jets, currents and counter-currents, showers and bubbling baths. Each designed to provide comfort and to regenerate and tone a specific part of your body

- Robinson Soma Bay :

Immerse yourself in the full Arabian experience with Robinson Club’s Arabesque architecture and lush landscaping. The 5-star accommodation houses 216 double rooms, 44 suites and 44 family rooms. Boasting a 500-meter breathtaking coastline of glimmering sandy shores and clear turquoise waters, it is the ultimate beach lover’s paradise. Recharge and revive with Robinson Club’s spa and fitness facilities, or join a Pilates or yoga class for a healthful day. Evenings awaken a pulsing nightlife of exhilaration and pleasure. Experience fun-loving cosmopolitan living with the resort’s 6 bars. Whether it is unwinding with a cocktail while watching a magnificent sunset or seeking the thrills of water sports, Robinson Club brings to life any holiday you can ever dream of.

Robinson Soma Bay

- Mesca: 

The mere mention of Mesca Chaletss evokes thoughts of a seafront paradise. It’s more than a home; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. Inspired by Balinese simplicity, Mesca Chaletss in- vite uninterrupted serenity around every corner of your home, complimented by a nature-inspired design where less is certainly more. Experience blissful repose in the comfort of your own private pool or simply decelerate in your expansive terrace where the Golden sun touches the deep blue sea.

Mesca Chaletss soma bay hurghada red sea

Mesca’s design-led luxury hotel is an elegant amphitheatre of sea, sky and sand, redefining waterfront hospitality on the Red Sea.

-Bay Centeral Villas:

Bay Central Soma Bay is aesthetically designed in harmony with its natural surroundings, an iconic work of architecture master-planned to invite floating sea and lagoon views inside. Boasting a crisp and contemporary design, the building’s facade is marked by an alternating system of balconies to offer private terraces and brise-soleil, framing 360-degree bay views while providing efficient blocks that optimize natural light. The building’s design lends flexibility to unit types, guaranteeing high qualities of living that elegantly respond to the masterplan.

Bay Central Soma Bay

-Bay West :

Located on Somabay’s west coast, Bay West Soma Bay is the perfect idyllic residential project. Renowned for its soothing architecture, picturesque surroundings and tranquil sea which guarantees an impeccable stress free environment for you and your family.

Bay West soma bay red sea egypt

The selection of wood and stone in Baywest’s architecture coupled with the seamless blend of modern and contemporary styles truly created a timeless look that has been painstakingly designed to embody luxury and comfort. The spectrum of colours used were inspired by Mother Nature herself. Every colour you see outside – everything from dark brown tree bark to the greenest of grass- has been chosen to enrich your lives by bringing the natural goodness of earth into your homes.

-Reef Town:

Reeftown Located between Wadi Jebal and Soma Breeze the strategic positioning of Reeftown on the Reef side of the bay boasts unobstructed, panoramic views of the Red Sea and beyond. The project is comprised of intimate, two to three bedroom chalets that are designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape.

Located between Wadi Jebal and Soma Breeze the strategic positioning of Reeftown on the Reef side of the bay boasts unobstructed, panoramic views of the Red Sea and beyond. The project is comprised of intimate, two to three bedroom chalets that are designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape. In close proximity to the diverse facilities provided in Somabay, residents of Reeftown are only a short walk away from our world-renowned golf course, private coastline, and The Cascades Hotel.

-Soma Breeze:

Soma Breeze’s young and hip architecture provides the spoils of everyday modern living, coupled with unobstructed views of outstanding nature. Serenely self-contained by the shoreline, the community is built on lavish apartments overlooking breathtaking vistas with the convenience of nearby amenities.

Soma Breeze soma bay red sea egypt

Directly located by the sea, Soma Breeze homes spoil homeowners with uninterrupted views of the crystal blue waters. Enjoying the closest proximity to the sea, residents are only a couple of minutes away from all the main Somabay attractions. Nothing comes close to owning a home with such unparalleled location and view.

-Wadi Jebal:

A quintessential bayside atmosphere comes to life with Wadi Jebal’s exclusive collection of residences tailored to your requirements. From family fun, to blissfully serene moments by the shore.

There is a difference between living and the decision to live artfully. Welcome to a world where powdery blue skies and sapphire seas serve as the backdrop to exquisite moments. Where light, open spaces, become a gallery for your daily pursuits and where design extends beyond the visible and becomes a way of life. 

Wadi Jebal Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide

With one-of-a-kind contemporary villas depicted with a composition of earthy accents, wide-set windows, and luxuriant private gardens, Wadi Jebal sets the tone for fine details, powerful sensations and timeless impressions. 

A quintessential bayside atmosphere comes to life with Wadi Jebal’s exclusive collection of residences tailored to your requirements. From family fun, to blissfully serene moments by the shore, it all happens here. Offering a selection of unique property unit types, pick from Wadi Jebal villas, patio villas, lodges, surf village, stand-alone villas and twin villas. Every home is ordained with a stunning vision of the sea from a high altitude; relishing in open yet private living. The property covers only 15% of the cliff, rendering residents a sanctuary of beautiful homes to revel in the magnificent beauty of sea and shores. 

Life here is meant to eclipse your imagination and transport you to a realm of sheer greatness. It is more than an appearance, it is a mindset, an expression of self, an atmosphere that inspires and stirs the emotions.


Blanca’s exclusive location grants its community an ideal mix of uninterrupted relaxation, powered by the lively happenings of Somabay’s White Beach next door. The development distinctly lies in a quiet spot straight in the heart of the bay to invite nature and heavenly views into every corner of your home.

Blanca Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide

Just a few steps away, White Beach is a permanent backstage pass to experience a magnetic beachfront lifestyle, lined with elegant sun-beds embracing the sea from every angle and perfected by relaxing music tunes, impeccable service and a scrumptious variety of dishes and colorful cocktails to delight.

Diving and Snorkeling Adventures

The Red Sea is renowned for its remarkable underwater world, and Soma Bay is no exception. Whether you're an experienced diver or a novice, there are opportunities for everyone to explore the depths.

- House Reef Diving: 

Some of the best dive sites are right at your doorstep. House reefs in Soma Bay are famous for their healthy corals and diverse marine life.

- Soma Bay Marina:

If you're new to diving or want to refresh your skills, the Soma Bay Marina offers diving courses for all levels.

- Wrecks and Reefs: Soma Bay is near some of the Red Sea's most famous dive sites, including the wreck of the Salem Express and the stunning reefs of Abu Kafan.

Golfing in Paradise

Soma Bay's 18-hole championship golf course is a masterpiece. Designed by the legendary Gary Player, this course combines challenging holes with breathtaking Red Sea views. The course is not just for golf enthusiasts; it's also an opportunity to connect with nature and relish the picturesque surroundings.

golf in soma bay hurghada red sea egypt

The championship course is an excellent test of golf for the seasoned golfer and low handicap player, however due to the variety of teeing grounds the course is a fair test for those starting their golfing journeys.  The course is rated from 4 sets of tees that provide an enjoyable experience for all.

Par 3 Golf Course Somabay Golf has always had a Par 3 Challenge Course. However, in 2019 we decided to tear it up and create something out of the box. With a total lengths of 1239 yards, the New Par 3 Challenge Course is built under Somabay’s sustainability vision and was designed by Tim Lobb and James Edwards.

Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide

Somabay Red Sea Travel Guide  Soma Bay is a mesmerizing destination where adventure and relaxation seamlessly coexist. Whether you're a ...